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19 October 2009 @ 09:44 am
Chill weekend  
Friday Pat and I ended up heading to MA that night because there wasn't really much going on. We were lazy so we didn't leave until about 8 lol. Then on 84 there was a huge accident that shut down both sides of the highway so we had to get off and of course there was no detour marked. Thank god for GPS's. Although my GPS kept taking us back to 84 which wasn't very helpful haha. Finally I checked off "least use of freeways" and we took route 6 until we found our way to 295. What a pain in the ass it added about an hour to our trip (even though I slept pretty much the last hour lol). Got to my parents' house around 11:30 and we were both exhausted...pretty much brought in our stuff and went right to bed lol.

Saturday I only slept till a little after 9 because I had gone to bed so early lol. It was such a lazy day, we didn't even leave the house. Dad and Pat moved our old family room furniture in the basement. Then I made english muffins and had some coffee...sat around for awhile and then the new furniture came. Once we had finished arranging the new furniture and had some lunch, I took a bath/shower and then sat around some more lol. Ate dinner around 6 with the family and I was thinking of going into boston but nothing was really going on and Pat didn't want to go anyway, so we just stayed in. Cuddled on the couch for most of the night, played with chester, and watched some tv. Fell asleep around 1:30.

Sunday I woke up thinking it was like 7 but it was almost 10 haha. Came downstairs and helped mom make breakfast and then read the newspaper until it was ready. By the time we finished breakfast it was like noon haha...I went to get ready/get my stuff packed up (I still have a ton of things in my room that I need to gradually start bringing back to my apartment...which sucks because there's like no room for anything. What do my parents need ANOTHER guest room for lol?) Pat and my dad went to look at a car in Taunton that Pat ended up buying! Yay finally lol. That's very exciting, although he had to take care of getting a CT license and car registration and loan and whatnot, which means we have to head up there again later on this week/weekend to pick it up. When dad and Pat got back we had some lunch and packed up my car in the pouring rain. We left MA a little after 3...the rain turned to freezing rain and then to snow. Once we got on the mass pike there was crazy traffic so we got off and took back roads to 395 and took that the rest of the way home. So it was another car ride that took about an hour longer than expected lol but at least we weren't sitting in traffic. Picked up a pizza on the way home and got back around 7. After eating dinner we pretty much just had a relaxing lazy night...watched tool academy (lol) and then comedy central. I fell asleep on the couch probably around 11 and we went up to bed around 11:45...was so out of it lol.

I'm super sleepy today, boo. At least work has been extremely slow even though I've been here an hour. It goes by faster when I'm busy, but I'd still rather it be slow because I'm lazy :) I want to go back to the gym today after work at least to just do an elliptical because my leg feels mostly better and I've been feeling fat and lazy. But Pat says we need to go grocery shopping, which is kind of the opposite of the gym haha. We'll see.
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