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23 November 2009 @ 03:27 pm
Fun weekend  
I can't believe it's Monday already, at least it's a short week :)

Friday night we didn't end up doing a whole lot. I worked until 5:15 and actually made it home by 6, there wasn't much traffic at all. Laid down for a bit to try to get rid of my headache, and then Pat and I went to stop and shop and picked up steaks for dinner. I folded laundry while he cooked them up, then I cleaned up a bit and we watched some tv and had a drink. I was tired and passed out around midnight, we went up to bed at like 1.

Set my alarm for 9:30 saturday morning so I could get ready for mohegan! We had wanted to leave at 11 but really didn't end up leaving until like 11:30ish lol. Then by the time we stopped for food and whatnot we didn't get there until quarter after 1. Met up with Zuke and White and had a few drinks at the bar...then we played spanish 21 (well pat and zuke and white did, I watched and drank lol). Then they played some monopoly slot machines and I watched and drank some more lol. Finally Carolyn called saying that they were there right at 4 when Zuke and White had to leave :( Pat and I sat at the bar and had a couple drinks until Carolyn and Heidi met us! By this point I was about 7 rum and cokes deep LOL and already pretty drunk. Carolyn and Heidi and I sat down at our favorite penny slot machines lol and Pat went to play blackjack I think. Right after I sat down I immediately won almost 400 bucks! Pat came back and didn't believe me at first lol. Cashed out and then I pretty much quit while I was ahead--put in 2 more 20 dollar bills and when I didn't win anything off those I was done gambling for the night lol. Carolyn and Heidi and Pat and I walked around windowshopping for awhile and then we met up with Derek and I bought everyone a round of drinks at the barrrrr. Then we all had dinner at MJ Steakhouse, yummm. I would say it was a very successful Mohegan trip :) Around 11 Pat and I left but we were too drunk/tired to drive home so we took a power nap in the back of his truck LOL. Woke up around 2 and then drove home haha. Got back at like 3:30 and went straight to bedddd.

Woke up around 9 on Sunday and was awake for like an hour and a half but then I was able to fall back asleep for another hour or so. It was a nice lazy day...called my mom, pat cooked us breakfast, I showered and straightened up a bit, and then we went over to Jeff n Justine's for the day! Watched a bunch of family guy, then ordered sushi for dinner which I hadn't had in foreverrr. Yum. After dinner we watched the departed and then left a little before 10 because everyone was exhausted. Got home and watched my shoooows and then went to bed around 12:30.

This morning went by fast, but the afternoon is dragging. I have to go to the doctor after work today—the cold I was starting to get back near halloween never really turned into anything except for this gross cough. The cough is finally gone, but now there’s sometimes this weird bubbly noise in my left lung when I breathe and today I woke up with that whole side of my chest feeling tight and sore =/ Really not good lol, I’m actually starting to get kind of worried—but I feel fine otherwise, like not sick or anything, so I’m hoping it’s not anything too serious. Probably bronchitis or something. Fun fun.
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