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25 December 2009 @ 04:04 pm
Merry Christmas!  
Yesterday as I was leaving work at 11:30 I went into my voicemail to do my out of office and it said that I had 15 new messages! Apparently the light on my phone wasn't working, everyone else on my side of the room has been having the opposite problem lol their voicemail light was on but they had no voicemails. Weird. Anyway I was like f this I'll deal with them when I get back because I was literally ready to walk out the door lol. Plus who knows how long all the messages had been sitting there anyway I wasn't about to listen to all of them and then call people back on Christmas eve. Got home from work a little after 12, it was lovely. Packed up and left around 1, made it home at 3:30. Hung out with the family for a bit, made sugar cookies, then went to church and out for dinner at this really good chinese food place in sharon. Came home and took pictures and whatnot and then watched some of the jersey shore marathon hahaha high quality show. My dad and mom were even amused and watched an episode with me LOL. Went upstairs at like 11 but couldn't fall asleep until really late, boo.

Got up this morning around 10, didn't get very much sleep but that's ok it's been a nice relaxing day. Opened presents, got everything I asked for and my parents and sister loved their presents too. We've mostly just been relaxing all day, I worked out for like half an hour downstairs but then my ipod died so now I'm waiting for it to charge back up enough for me to finish lol.
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