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26 April 2013 @ 05:44 pm
Went to the middle school in the morning and was done by around 11. Got some food and went to my training session at the gym. Took a shower and should have done work but wasn't very productive for the rest of the afternoon lol. When Pat got home from work Dave was with him, which was a surprise lol. Not that I minded but both myself and the house were a mess. Quickly straightened up and then we had a couple cocktails. Finally we ended up getting a late dinner and drinks at this BBQ place in Cherry Hill where Dave's friend works. Got home a little after midnight and started to watch a documentary about this guy who lived for a month off of people he met on Craigslist haha. It was kind of interesting but I fell asleep a little while into it. :P

Saturday wasn't too interesting. Slept in till like 10 and then spent most of the afternoon working on my practical exam for dysphagia. Finally quit around 3:30 so Pat and I could go to Lowe's for our kitchen light that burned out. Of course they didn't have the right kind of bulb, so we just got these 2 little lightbulbs for our under-the-counter lights which had also burned out haha. Then we got home and put in the new lightbulbs and a third one went out. Not a very successful trip haha. It was a lazy rest of the night...had some cocktails, watched Hunger Games (which surprisingly I actually kind of liked), and went to bed around midnight.

Got up around 11 on Sunday, picked up some coffee at Wawa, and then went to the gym. The rest of the afternoon was spent working on my stupid practical exam. Finally finished it around dinnertime and celebrated with a couple cocktails! And then I looked at Facebook and found out that the exam was 2 separate patients and I had written the report thinking that it was 1. FML. By that point I was a little tipsy so I decided not to worry about it until the next day. Still waiting on my grade, hopefully I didn't do too bad. Watched family guy, played with Chester, and went to bed.

Friday I didn't have to go to clinic yay! Had a dr's appointment at 8:30, and then I went to the gym, to Walgreens, and finally took a shower and did some laundry and finished up my observation paper just as Pat was getting home! We just relaxed for the night, had a couple drinks, got Angelo's delivery, and watched Django Unchained (which I was expecting to like because it got awesome reviews and LEO was in it, but mostly I just thought it was super depressing). Fell asleep on the couch immediately after and then went up to bed haha.

Got up around 9 on Saturday, showered/got ready, and then we headed up to CT for Devyn's housewarming party! I'm really glad we went because it was a good time and I haven't seen Devyn or her family in awhile. Started drinking and other festivities around 3 shortly after getting there, and didn't stop until midnight haha. Amanda's brother and I dominated beer pong, which was a huge surprise because he's 16 and I usually suck and haven't played in years hahaha. Finally around 11 people started leaving/going to bed. Pat, Kristin, Devyn, Amanda and I stayed up for awhile but everyone eventually went to bed around midnight. Pat and I slept on the couch and I couldn't fall asleep for like 2 hours which sucked.

Definitely didn't get a good night's sleep...woke up around 5:30 or 6 with really bad allergies, my stomach was all fucked up, and the dog kept whining lol. Finally passed back out from like 7-9, but it wasn't a good sleep because I kept waking up intermittantly with really bad cottonmouth because I couldn't breathe through my nose lol. Finally got up for good around 9 even though I was pretty much useless and sat on Devyn's couch for most of the day haha. Devyn and her mom made french toast and quiche for breakfast which was delicious, and then Devyn grilled us up some chicken for lunch which was also awesome. Pat and Brady cut and put molding up in one of the bathrooms while Kristin and I sat on the couch watching reality shows haha. We left around 3 when the guys finished up the bathroom. I slept literally the entire ride home and was still super out of it for the rest of the evening. Had some leftovers for dinner, watched family guy at 9, and didn't even make it to the end before I started passing out on the couch haha. Played with Chester and then went to bed at like 10 haha.

It was a busy week but at least I had today off from class and clinic since I went on Monday! I was super productive too--finished a project for one of my classes, went to the gym, went to the liquor store, dropped off dry cleaning, got my eyebrows did, did my FAFSA, and made a study guide for one of my finals woo hoo! Once Pat gets home from work, which should be anytime now, I am done for the day :) Probably not doing anything exciting this weekend (or next weekend) since finals are coming up. Plus Pat's been away for work most of this week and also has to travel a lot next week, so he doesn't feel like going anywhere either haha. Still have a bunch of cleaning/yardwork to do, but other than that it looks like I'll at least get to enjoy the weekend a little :)
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