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28 April 2013 @ 03:50 pm
Friday evening Pat and I went to home depot to look for a light for the kitchen. They didn't have the one we needed so we just got a bunch of stuff for the yard and then went to 5 guys for dinner. Got home around 9 and had a couple cocktails and watched a movie called the pill which actually ended up being pretty funny. Played with Chester and went to bed around 1.

Got up around 10 on Saturday and Pat and I started working on the yard pretty much right away. Landscaped/mulched the front yard and then we finally cleared the giant pile of leaves out of the backyard and trimmed the bushes and mowed the lawn and whatnot. It fucking sucked and my allergies were soooo bad between the pollen and the moldy leaves that had been sitting there for like 6 months lol. It was not a good morning. We finally finished a little after 1 and then it was time to clean the house woohoo. Being an adult sucks haha. Everything was finished around 7 and although it was a pain in the ass our place really looks good. We went to prospectors for dinner and beers, and then hung out at home for the rest of the night having drinks and watching this documentary about prostitutes in different countries haha. Played with Chester and was in bed by midnight.

Got up around 10 again today, went to dunkin donuts and then stopped at a hardware store to look at this outdoor table and chair set. Then we dropped off the rent and drove around looking at houses for a bit. Got home around noon and then I went to the gym and to cvs. Just took a shower a little while ago and it's already almost 4 damn. Probably just laying low for the rest of the day, Pat is building a shelf for his speaker and I suppose I could start making flashcards for one of my finals haha. Then it's chinese food and family guy night :)
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PerfectP: pic#65392618perfectp on May 4th, 2013 08:03 am (UTC)
what song is that?