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29 September 2013 @ 05:20 pm
Birthday weekend and the latest on Chester  
So we syringe fed Chester pretty much all week and it seemed to help--by Monday night he was acting pretty much like himself and was even trying to eat a little on his own. Then on Friday around noon I got a call from Pat when I was at my practicum...I was like oh no what now. He had come home at lunch to feed Chester to find a ridiculous amount of shit allll over his cage lol. Like I don't know how all of it even came out of him. But afterward Chester seemed to be feeling much better (much more energetic, eating, etc) so we're thinking maybe it was a good thing? Maybe the reason he was acting so weird/in pain was because he was literally full of shit lol. I got home a little before 4:00 and did work until Pat got home. Then we had a few cocktails, ate dinner, straightened up the house, and hung out with Chester. Not a very exciting Friday night lol but we were both pretty shot and didn't want to go too far because we wanted to keep an eye on our little friend. I was still somewhat worried because he was still grinding his teeth a lot and not moving around too much all evening. But then right after I went to bed at 11:30 Pat said he was running around like crazy lol so maybe his schedule's just off from being woken up during the day so much lately. Who knooows.

Then Saturday was my birthday! Yup didn't even make it until midnight the night before, that's a first haha. Woke up around 10 and Chester was happy/energetic and there was lots of healthy looking poop in his cage, yay! Got ready and headed to Mimi's house, got there around 2:30. Had appetizers and hung out with my family for a few hours, then we went to this place called Antonio's for dinner/cake and presents. Got a visa and a Victoria's secret giftcard and a bracelet from my parents and an amazon giftcard from Jessie :) everyone left around 7 and Pat and I got home right around 10. I was a little nervous about what condition we would find Chester in but he was excited and jumping around his cage, yay! Opened my presents from Pat (a cell phone cover, an iTunes giftcard, Great Gatsby on DVD, and a really nice pair of snowboots!) and then we had a few drinks and watched Great Gatsby which was awesome. Hung out with Chester some more and went to bed around 2...all in all a good birthday :)

Got up a little after 10 again today...got ready and went to the gym and CVS, and then the rest of the afternoon has been spent cleaning. Took a break for an hour or so to hang out with Chester (he was mostly a mush in my lap the whole time haha, which concerns me a little but it IS the middle of the day) and now I'm off to vacuum and mop the floors. Then hopefully just hanging out for the rest of the night :)
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