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16 October 2009 @ 11:03 am
Wednesday night Pat and I were in the mood to do nothing, so that's exactly what we did lol. Watched some tv and had a drink, then Pat made us dinner and we ate and I showered. Then we watched this movie that Cal lent us...I forget what it was called but it was by the same director who did Welcome to the Dollhouse. It was the same type of movie--dark comedy/fucked up in a funny way lol. After that we went to beddd.

Work wasn't bad on Thursday--just enough to keep me busy. After work Pat and I went to return the curtains, and then we went to home depot to look for more. No dice on the curtains but we did get some lightbulbs and a rack to hang up our mop/broom/swiffer lol. Picked up chinese on the way home, ate that, and then watched the heartbreak kid (we picked up a shitload of $3 DVDs at walmart the other day hahaha). It ended around 11 and we went to bed at like 12.

It's sloooow today but I don't care and I hope it stays this way lol. Pat and I are going up to MA this weekend to see my parents and hang out with them and help them move furniture because they're getting a new set for the family room. Hopefully seeing Car/Tar/Heidi at some point too! I'm not sure yet if we're going tonight or Saturday but either way I'm sooo glad it's the weekend :)
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14 October 2009 @ 02:45 pm
Last night after work pat and I went to walmart and got a bunch of random stuff like paper towels and napkins and whatnot. Grabbed dinner and then we went to lowe's and got a little decorative table and lamps and curtains and a new curtain rod lol. And a shelf to put in the garage. By the time we got home I was tired and grouchy...then we took the curtains out of the bag and realized that they totally won’t work in our living room (they have this weird mini-curtain across the top, which would be fine if we only needed 1 set but we had to buy 2 cuz the windows are so long) so now tonight we have to return them…boooo. At least the curtain rod looks good lol. Pat got impatient and snappy with me when we were trying to get them back in the bag so I got even more grouchy and pissed off. Helped put together the lamps and the table while Chester hopped around...after this was done I fell asleep sitting up in a chair haha. I don't even remember going up to bed, woke up at like 3:30 in my jeans and makeup and everything because i had a weird ass dream. Changed and washed up and went right back to bed lol. I’ve been feeling sooo tired and weak and grouchy the past few days...I always think I’m getting sick because I’m like chronically tired despite getting 7 hours of sleep most nights, but then I never actually do. Maybe I’m just a bum who needs 10-11 hours a night because that’s how long I always sleep when I can lol.

This morning was mad annoying. I had no energy to do anything and of course today was the day that people wouldn’t stop calling and e-mailing me nonstop with every kind of weird issue imaginable. Actually took a nap in my car on my lunch break and I do feel a lot better. And things seem to have slowed down now (knock on wood).
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09 July 2009 @ 09:47 am
Yesterday after work I went to the gym and had a horrible run for no reason...I did the same thing I always do but for some reason I was so tired and my knees were killing me and i was sweating like a fat ho in church lol. Off day I guess. Got home at like quarter to 7 and made dinner and took a shower and then ate dinner lol. Hung out the rest of the night...watched some lucky louie with pat, played with chester (he stayed in his bath house the entire time i think the storm the other night traumatized him :( ) and then pat and i went to bed around 11:30.

Got to sleep in till 8:30 today because I am working from home all day and don't have to deal with doing my hair or makeup or my hour plus commute lol. But I forgot how annoying/obnoxious taking phone calls all day is, I'm soooo glad I got promoted lol. Everyone at the office is in a meeting so it's been crazy busy and of course I've gotten all these weird ass requests that are even harder to handle from home. At least I can go for a full hour run during my lunch break and hopefully it will start slowing down soon lol.
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08 July 2009 @ 09:23 am
Yesterday after work I went and got my nails done...there was like no traffic on the way there and the lady who did my nails was really fast so I was home before 7. Went and picked up a pizza for me and pat...after eating I went for a run outside and took a shower. Watched more charm school haha and then played with chester. He was being so good but then a huge thunderstorm came and he got sooo scared and started freaking out I felt bad :( Pat had to help me put him back in his cage because he was flipping out and trying to run away...poor thing. Then we went to bed at like 12.

It was another tired commute to work today lol. I didn't leave the house until almost 8 but still got here like 25 minutes early so i stopped and got gas and some cunt beeped at me when I started to park my car at the pump in front of hers when she totally could have backed up...what a bitch! Today is pretty slow so far but it is only 9:40. After work I will probably go to the gym and then come home and have dinner/chill with pat.
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01 July 2009 @ 04:43 pm
Yesterday I came right home after work because Pat and I really needed to go grocery shopping lol. So we went and did that, got home a little before 8 and hung out downstairs while Pat made dinner which was delicious. After dinner I played with chester, took a shower, and then watched mall cop with pat...it was horrible and a complete waste of 2 hours of my life lol. Oh well. I'm impressed that I didn't fall asleep. By the time it ended it was around midnight and we went to bed like half an hour later.

Today has been a decent day but sooo busy! 2 people are out and since I don't have my own accounts yet I've just been taking everyone's leftovers lol. So yeah I've been crazy busy..it's like I'm doing twice anyone's regular work lol. This is the first time today I've had a free minute and it's almost time to go home! Once I get out I'm working out hardcore, then coming home for a night of dinner and getting ready to go away for the long weekend.
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24 June 2009 @ 02:03 pm
Monday I got home at like 6 and threw in some laundry. Pat got home and we chilled for awhile and heated up leftovers for dinner...then I went for a long run downstairs. After I got out of the shower devyn and cassandra came over for a little bit...we chilled and i folded laundry haha. It was a late night because they didn't even get here until 11...pat and i ended up going to bed around 1.

I was so tired and out of it all day tuesday...and of course it was so busy because it's almost end of the quarter and on top of that we had a couple people out. I had so much work to do and no motivation to do any of it lol. At least the day went by kind of fast. Got home at like 6 and hung out...devyn, drew and cassandra came over for dinner so pat cooked up a steak and potatoes and beans and broccoli and i made a salad lol. Yum. Cleaned up and chilled for awhile...they left around 10 and pat and i were both exhausted. I played with chester for a bit and then passed out in bed around 11 lol.

Today sucks. For some reason there was hardly any traffic on the way to work and i got here at 8:20. Better than being late, but I could have slept for like another half an hour. Annoying. My fucking allergies are so bad and even though I got 8 hours of sleep they're making me tired and itchy. And then when I went to the gym on my lunch break I took off my pants and realized that the back of my left leg is covered in like four 6-inch streaks of black eyeliner. And it's all over the seat of my car too so there must have been a piece there that I sat in. SO PISSED. I tried to tide-pen it out, but it didn't do shit. Guess I'm going to just avoid getting up for the rest of the day lol. How embarrassing. And my pants better not be stained I will be so pissed. And now I have to go because I had like nothing to do this morning and just now got a shitload of scrubs that are going to take all afternoon or longer to do. fdajklfdajklfdajklfdajklfdasjkl!
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22 June 2009 @ 09:43 am
This weekend went by way too fast, but at least it was fun...

Friday I ended up leaving work 15 minutes late because I had been waiting for approval on a few different things and of course everyone sent me their approvals at literally 4:59 lol when they had over a day to do it. Grrrr annyoing. I got home a little after 6 and went for a run outside. It was a crappy run, I just wasn't feelin it that day and hated every second of it lol. My legs felt all tight and heavy like I was trying to run in a pool or something. Or like in one of those dreams when you're trying to run away but you're in slow mo hahaha. Maybe it was the humidity or something. So I only ended up running about 3 miles and then quit. Went inside and took a shower and then straightened up the house before Pat got home. He got back around 8:30 and then we got ready and went to the outback for a late dinner. Yum. I was so full just from dinner but then we split a dessert too and couldn't even finish it lol. Good times. We got home around 10:30/11 and chilled downstairs for awhile but then I started to pass out in a food coma lol so we just went to bed around 12:30.

Saturday I woke up at 9:30ish and couldn't get back to sleep. Got out of bed around 10...pat made breakfast and then I noticed that chester was still up lol (he's supposed to be nocturnal, but totally isn't) so we played in the bathroom for like an hour. It was funny he found out how to get up on the counter and windowsill lol. After that I went out for a run...it went much better than the day before lol. It was raining but I actually don't mind rain as long as it's not like pouring--it cools me off lol. Got back to the house around 3 and cleaned the house for most of the afternoon, fun times. Finally I took a shower and pat made dinner and we ate and hung out for a bit. We were supposed to go out with a bunch of people for lauren's birthday but then justine texted me and said that lauren was on a boat with her boyfriend and melissa and eric bailed so it ended up being just us lol! It was a good time though...we met her and jeff at maggie's and had a few drinks there. Then we went back to their house and had a couple more drinks there...justine is such a lightweight now because she couldn't drink for like a year lol and it was hilarous. She ended up falling asleep sitting up on the couch with her face in her cup lolz. We left maybe around 1 or 1:30 and by that time I was pretty toasted as well. Passed out on the ride home and then when we got home I like ran upstairs and went straight to bed haha.

Didn't sleep that well saturday night...was up at like 6 for about an hour and then finally I went back to sleep but was up for good at 9:30 again. Boooo. There was literally nothing in the house for breakfast so I picked up dunkin donuts for me and pat lol. We ate and got ready and left the house a little after 12...stopped at walgreens to get my dad a card and then headed over to my grandparents' house. It was a good time...besides my parents/sister and grandparents, chris and robbilynn and the baby were there, and also uncle bob. Chilled and had appetizers in the sunroom for a couple hours and then had dinner and dessert...ate much too much lol but it was all delicious. We left around 6:30 and my parents and sister followed us back to our apartment and got to see it for the first time! I hope they liked it lol. And chester was being sooo good, I woke him up so he was tired but he let everyone pet him and everything. They left around 7:30 and pat and i bummed around for awhile. Finally around 9:15 I got off my ass and went for a run downstairs, and then showered and hung out. All of a sudden I got sooo tired and started not feeling well (probably from all the food lol) so I went to bed around midnight.

And now it's already monday, boooo. At least traffic wasn't too bad this morning, I made it here in about an hour. Tonight I'm going for a run and possibly doing laundry if I'm in the mood lol. We also desperately need to go food shopping at some point this week...there is like nothing in the house lol good thing my grandparents gave us leftovers yesterday :P
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19 June 2009 @ 09:06 am
Wednesday it wasn't too bad working till 6...I was the only one here for the last hour lol so I kinda just got to chill and it went by really fast. I got home around 7 and went for a long run outside, I wasn't really feelin it at all but I made it lol. After that I showered and hung out on the computer for most of the night...watched my show and downloaded some music lol. Then I played with chester for a bit and went to bed around 12:30.

Yesterday was a busy day at work...I kept getting a bunch of projects to work on but I didn't mind, it made the day go by fast. Left at 6 again and went to the gym because it was downpouring out...had a decent run. I got back to my place a little after 8, showered, watched charm school lol, and played with chester. Went to bed around midnight.

I woke up a little early today to try to come in at 8 rather than stay late on a friday. Since there was no traffic I made it to work for 8 even though I only got up half an hour earlier than usual. Can't beat that. So now I get to leave at 5 with everyone else, sweet. That'll give me some time to go to the gym and get my mess of an apartment straightened up before pat gets back from NC tonight :P
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17 June 2009 @ 09:55 am
Monday night I was a waste of life lol. Got home from work around 6 and made dinner for myself and pat. Then I was supposed to do laundry and the dishes and clean chester's cage, but I got lazy and only did the dishes, and not until like 11 haha (I was pissed because Pat wouldn't help me :P). Finally I played with chester in the bathroom for a bit and then we went to bed around 12:30.

Tuesday was so busy at work because there were only 4 of us here, but it actually wasn't too bad, it made the day go by fast. Caitlin and I dominated the RAS inbox haha, now I'm just waiting back for a bunch of approvals which is annoying. I hate people that don't get back to you, especially when it's about urgent shit. Left work at 5 and was home by 6...had a pretty productive night. I started the laundry while pat made dinner...after dinner I cleaned up a little, folded the laundry, and cleaned chester's cage. Didn't get to play with him though because he was being a bitch and wouldn't come out of his house. Sooo then around 11:30 I sat down in bed and ended up passing out for the night.

It's only 10 but today hasn't been too bad so far...for once I'm not completely exhausted (yet). I'm here till 6 today which sucks, but at least most everyone is back so I'm not swamped with work. Now I'm just sitting around waiting for these people to get back to me...
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15 June 2009 @ 03:15 pm
Sooo Friday I was leaving work and Pat called and said that monkey was having the baby! So I rushed home (as much as I could in rush hour traffic lol) and was back by 6 and by this time Pat knew more of the details. Although she wasn't due for a few more days, she went to a doctor's appointment and her blood pressure was dangerously high which could kill her and/or the baby if she were to go into labor. So she had to be rushed to the hospital and had an emergency c-section. Luckily she and the baby are both fine, but they're keeping them in the hospital for a few more days for obvious reasons. So as soon as pat and I got packed up we left for LI...that was a nice surprise haha! We made decent time, left around 6:30 and got there by 9. Since visiting hours were over already we went to brady's, they were having a cookout for one of his parents' friend's birthdays. Had a couple drinks and hung out by the bonfire most of the night with brady and kristin and devyn and drew. After a few hours people started to leave so pat and i took a ride down to legends but no one was really there so we just went home and passed outtt.

Saturday we got woken up a little after 9 by pat's uncle jim haha. Came downstairs and hung out with him and mom and dave for a bit, then dave made us eggs benedict for breakfast. Pat and I showered and got ready and then we headed over to the hospital around 1. The baby is MAD CUTE, like most newborns are ugly and look like aliens lol but Vanessa is actually very pretty. And BIG...9 lbs 12 ounces and 20" long. Took tons of pictures haha. Monkey was still pretty drugged up but was doing well considering. Pat's grandparents showed up and then pat and I left to give monkey some room since there were like 6 of us visiting and her room was tiny lol. Pat and I went to the outlets for a bit...at victorias secret I found this top that I LOVED and fit perfectly except for the bra part which was way too small...the underwire like pinched my boob in half and of course they didn't have it in any other size. I was so pissed. Meanwhile Pat's parents had called him to meet them for lunch but he couldn't find me because I was in the dressing room and of course my phone was on vibrate and I couldn't hear it. Pat was pretty pissed when I finally found him lol. We ended up meeting his parents at the rotisserie place and still had plenty of time to eat with them, so everything worked out. By the time we left there it was like 4:30...Pat and I went back to the outlets but it started raining so we just went to one kitchen store and then left lol. Got back to pat's house around 5:30 and he took a nap while I got ready...and then around 6:15 we all headed over to his grandparents' house. Pat's grandpa made me a margarita (yum!) and then we ate dinner and dessert which were both delicious. We didn't leave there until like 9:00...went over to brady's and hung out downstairs with him and kristin for a bit. Then we went upstairs and chilled with devyn and her friends for like an hour or so before heading over to legends to meet burns and zuke. Right as we walked in they were leaving to go to zuke's house so we ended up just getting some beers and following them over there lol. It was a fun time...white's girlfriend had brought like 4 of her friends over, 2 of which i didn't particularly care for and neither did the guys apparently lol they were just like sitting on facebook the entire time talking shit about everyone. So Pat and the guys and I mostly just chilled on the front porch drinkin beeeeers. Then willsburg and his friend and their girlfriends showed up and there was some drama...they did not like white's girlfriend's friends either, but they made it KNOWN lol. They just stood in the kitchen talking shit the entire time and eventually white ended up kicking them out because they were so rude to his girl's friends. By this time it was pretty late...had a few more beers and everyone left around 2. As Pat and I were driving home we saw willsburg and his girl walking down the street and offered them a ride...and she looked PISSED lol. He probably laid into her for getting them kicked out of his friend's house or something. They said they didn't need a ride so pat and I went home and passed out around 3.

Didn't get up until noon on sunday! Pat's mom made us french toast and then we got ready and went over to grandma joan's house. Hung out with her and uncle jim for awhile...they have baby swans in the bay behind their house and I got to feed them! Soooo cute. Around 3 pat and I went home and packed up and stopped at michaelangelo's for a slice of pizza...then before leaving to go home we stopped at the hospital one more time. Monkey was looking a LOT better and the baby even opened her eyes for awhile! Left the hospital around 6:30 and were back by 8:30...picked up our sunday night chinese food and had dinner lol. I unpacked and played with chester while pat played around on the computer...then around 11 we started catch me if you can. Obviously I've seen it many tmes before (lol) but pat hadn't yet and I knew he would really like it. I was right...by the time the movie ended it was 1:30(!) and it didn't feel that late to either of us. We went right to bed.

Poor pat had to get up at 7:30 for work, luckily I have a half day today so I didn't get up until after 9. Had a nice breakfast and then went for a long run outside...nice to be able to get that over with before work for a change! Left for work at 12:20 and hit no traffic, I got here in half an hour. It was awesome. I've been here for 3 hours and have 1 more hour left lol. I'm lovin it, although I won't be later this week when I have to work an extra hour for 3 days. After work I need to get my nails done because I broke one...then I'm making dinner and doing laundry and cleaning chester's cage and all that good stuff.
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