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29 September 2013 @ 05:20 pm
So we syringe fed Chester pretty much all week and it seemed to help--by Monday night he was acting pretty much like himself and was even trying to eat a little on his own. Then on Friday around noon I got a call from Pat when I was at my practicum...I was like oh no what now. He had come home at lunch to feed Chester to find a ridiculous amount of shit allll over his cage lol. Like I don't know how all of it even came out of him. But afterward Chester seemed to be feeling much better (much more energetic, eating, etc) so we're thinking maybe it was a good thing? Maybe the reason he was acting so weird/in pain was because he was literally full of shit lol. I got home a little before 4:00 and did work until Pat got home. Then we had a few cocktails, ate dinner, straightened up the house, and hung out with Chester. Not a very exciting Friday night lol but we were both pretty shot and didn't want to go too far because we wanted to keep an eye on our little friend. I was still somewhat worried because he was still grinding his teeth a lot and not moving around too much all evening. But then right after I went to bed at 11:30 Pat said he was running around like crazy lol so maybe his schedule's just off from being woken up during the day so much lately. Who knooows.

Then Saturday was my birthday! Yup didn't even make it until midnight the night before, that's a first haha. Woke up around 10 and Chester was happy/energetic and there was lots of healthy looking poop in his cage, yay! Got ready and headed to Mimi's house, got there around 2:30. Had appetizers and hung out with my family for a few hours, then we went to this place called Antonio's for dinner/cake and presents. Got a visa and a Victoria's secret giftcard and a bracelet from my parents and an amazon giftcard from Jessie :) everyone left around 7 and Pat and I got home right around 10. I was a little nervous about what condition we would find Chester in but he was excited and jumping around his cage, yay! Opened my presents from Pat (a cell phone cover, an iTunes giftcard, Great Gatsby on DVD, and a really nice pair of snowboots!) and then we had a few drinks and watched Great Gatsby which was awesome. Hung out with Chester some more and went to bed around 2...all in all a good birthday :)

Got up a little after 10 again today...got ready and went to the gym and CVS, and then the rest of the afternoon has been spent cleaning. Took a break for an hour or so to hang out with Chester (he was mostly a mush in my lap the whole time haha, which concerns me a little but it IS the middle of the day) and now I'm off to vacuum and mop the floors. Then hopefully just hanging out for the rest of the night :)
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28 April 2013 @ 03:50 pm
Friday evening Pat and I went to home depot to look for a light for the kitchen. They didn't have the one we needed so we just got a bunch of stuff for the yard and then went to 5 guys for dinner. Got home around 9 and had a couple cocktails and watched a movie called the pill which actually ended up being pretty funny. Played with Chester and went to bed around 1.

Got up around 10 on Saturday and Pat and I started working on the yard pretty much right away. Landscaped/mulched the front yard and then we finally cleared the giant pile of leaves out of the backyard and trimmed the bushes and mowed the lawn and whatnot. It fucking sucked and my allergies were soooo bad between the pollen and the moldy leaves that had been sitting there for like 6 months lol. It was not a good morning. We finally finished a little after 1 and then it was time to clean the house woohoo. Being an adult sucks haha. Everything was finished around 7 and although it was a pain in the ass our place really looks good. We went to prospectors for dinner and beers, and then hung out at home for the rest of the night having drinks and watching this documentary about prostitutes in different countries haha. Played with Chester and was in bed by midnight.

Got up around 10 again today, went to dunkin donuts and then stopped at a hardware store to look at this outdoor table and chair set. Then we dropped off the rent and drove around looking at houses for a bit. Got home around noon and then I went to the gym and to cvs. Just took a shower a little while ago and it's already almost 4 damn. Probably just laying low for the rest of the day, Pat is building a shelf for his speaker and I suppose I could start making flashcards for one of my finals haha. Then it's chinese food and family guy night :)
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26 April 2013 @ 05:44 pm
Went to the middle school in the morning and was done by around 11. Got some food and went to my training session at the gym. Took a shower and should have done work but wasn't very productive for the rest of the afternoon lol. When Pat got home from work Dave was with him, which was a surprise lol. Not that I minded but both myself and the house were a mess. Quickly straightened up and then we had a couple cocktails. Finally we ended up getting a late dinner and drinks at this BBQ place in Cherry Hill where Dave's friend works. Got home a little after midnight and started to watch a documentary about this guy who lived for a month off of people he met on Craigslist haha. It was kind of interesting but I fell asleep a little while into it. :P

Saturday wasn't too interesting. Slept in till like 10 and then spent most of the afternoon working on my practical exam for dysphagia. Finally quit around 3:30 so Pat and I could go to Lowe's for our kitchen light that burned out. Of course they didn't have the right kind of bulb, so we just got these 2 little lightbulbs for our under-the-counter lights which had also burned out haha. Then we got home and put in the new lightbulbs and a third one went out. Not a very successful trip haha. It was a lazy rest of the night...had some cocktails, watched Hunger Games (which surprisingly I actually kind of liked), and went to bed around midnight.

Got up around 11 on Sunday, picked up some coffee at Wawa, and then went to the gym. The rest of the afternoon was spent working on my stupid practical exam. Finally finished it around dinnertime and celebrated with a couple cocktails! And then I looked at Facebook and found out that the exam was 2 separate patients and I had written the report thinking that it was 1. FML. By that point I was a little tipsy so I decided not to worry about it until the next day. Still waiting on my grade, hopefully I didn't do too bad. Watched family guy, played with Chester, and went to bed.

Friday I didn't have to go to clinic yay! Had a dr's appointment at 8:30, and then I went to the gym, to Walgreens, and finally took a shower and did some laundry and finished up my observation paper just as Pat was getting home! We just relaxed for the night, had a couple drinks, got Angelo's delivery, and watched Django Unchained (which I was expecting to like because it got awesome reviews and LEO was in it, but mostly I just thought it was super depressing). Fell asleep on the couch immediately after and then went up to bed haha.

Got up around 9 on Saturday, showered/got ready, and then we headed up to CT for Devyn's housewarming party! I'm really glad we went because it was a good time and I haven't seen Devyn or her family in awhile. Started drinking and other festivities around 3 shortly after getting there, and didn't stop until midnight haha. Amanda's brother and I dominated beer pong, which was a huge surprise because he's 16 and I usually suck and haven't played in years hahaha. Finally around 11 people started leaving/going to bed. Pat, Kristin, Devyn, Amanda and I stayed up for awhile but everyone eventually went to bed around midnight. Pat and I slept on the couch and I couldn't fall asleep for like 2 hours which sucked.

Definitely didn't get a good night's sleep...woke up around 5:30 or 6 with really bad allergies, my stomach was all fucked up, and the dog kept whining lol. Finally passed back out from like 7-9, but it wasn't a good sleep because I kept waking up intermittantly with really bad cottonmouth because I couldn't breathe through my nose lol. Finally got up for good around 9 even though I was pretty much useless and sat on Devyn's couch for most of the day haha. Devyn and her mom made french toast and quiche for breakfast which was delicious, and then Devyn grilled us up some chicken for lunch which was also awesome. Pat and Brady cut and put molding up in one of the bathrooms while Kristin and I sat on the couch watching reality shows haha. We left around 3 when the guys finished up the bathroom. I slept literally the entire ride home and was still super out of it for the rest of the evening. Had some leftovers for dinner, watched family guy at 9, and didn't even make it to the end before I started passing out on the couch haha. Played with Chester and then went to bed at like 10 haha.

It was a busy week but at least I had today off from class and clinic since I went on Monday! I was super productive too--finished a project for one of my classes, went to the gym, went to the liquor store, dropped off dry cleaning, got my eyebrows did, did my FAFSA, and made a study guide for one of my finals woo hoo! Once Pat gets home from work, which should be anytime now, I am done for the day :) Probably not doing anything exciting this weekend (or next weekend) since finals are coming up. Plus Pat's been away for work most of this week and also has to travel a lot next week, so he doesn't feel like going anywhere either haha. Still have a bunch of cleaning/yardwork to do, but other than that it looks like I'll at least get to enjoy the weekend a little :)
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25 December 2009 @ 04:04 pm
Yesterday as I was leaving work at 11:30 I went into my voicemail to do my out of office and it said that I had 15 new messages! Apparently the light on my phone wasn't working, everyone else on my side of the room has been having the opposite problem lol their voicemail light was on but they had no voicemails. Weird. Anyway I was like f this I'll deal with them when I get back because I was literally ready to walk out the door lol. Plus who knows how long all the messages had been sitting there anyway I wasn't about to listen to all of them and then call people back on Christmas eve. Got home from work a little after 12, it was lovely. Packed up and left around 1, made it home at 3:30. Hung out with the family for a bit, made sugar cookies, then went to church and out for dinner at this really good chinese food place in sharon. Came home and took pictures and whatnot and then watched some of the jersey shore marathon hahaha high quality show. My dad and mom were even amused and watched an episode with me LOL. Went upstairs at like 11 but couldn't fall asleep until really late, boo.

Got up this morning around 10, didn't get very much sleep but that's ok it's been a nice relaxing day. Opened presents, got everything I asked for and my parents and sister loved their presents too. We've mostly just been relaxing all day, I worked out for like half an hour downstairs but then my ipod died so now I'm waiting for it to charge back up enough for me to finish lol.
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24 December 2009 @ 08:59 am
Last night I left work at 5...was gonna go to the gym but Pat asked if I wanted to meet him at the milford mall to finish up christmas shopping and I felt bad so I said yes. By the time I got there and parked, it was like 6:15 and he was done shopping already so I was kind of pissed that I wasted all that time getting there for no reason. Fuck going to the mall 2 days before Christmas. But then we met cal and matt and jerry at black bear for a couple cocktails so it was all good hahaha. Shot the shit with them for awhile and got home around 9:30. Showered quick, packed a little bit, wrapped some presents and heated up leftovers for dinner at like 11:00, healthy. By midnight I was falling asleep and I had to get up in less than 6 hours so I just went to bed.

Had to get up at 6 today to be into work at 8, at least there was no traffic so I made it here in half an hour. I've been here an hour and it's been totally dead there has been noooothing to do...no e-mails at all, I just ran all my end of quarter reports and now I have one scrub to do LOL. I'm so glad I have a half day, it would have been brutal to stay here until 4. If it weren't for Monday last week I would have had today completely off. Oh well. 2 1/2 more hours to go...Stephen and Yola just left to get everyone bagels haha yay.
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23 November 2009 @ 03:27 pm
I can't believe it's Monday already, at least it's a short week :)

Friday night we didn't end up doing a whole lot. I worked until 5:15 and actually made it home by 6, there wasn't much traffic at all. Laid down for a bit to try to get rid of my headache, and then Pat and I went to stop and shop and picked up steaks for dinner. I folded laundry while he cooked them up, then I cleaned up a bit and we watched some tv and had a drink. I was tired and passed out around midnight, we went up to bed at like 1.

Set my alarm for 9:30 saturday morning so I could get ready for mohegan! We had wanted to leave at 11 but really didn't end up leaving until like 11:30ish lol. Then by the time we stopped for food and whatnot we didn't get there until quarter after 1. Met up with Zuke and White and had a few drinks at the bar...then we played spanish 21 (well pat and zuke and white did, I watched and drank lol). Then they played some monopoly slot machines and I watched and drank some more lol. Finally Carolyn called saying that they were there right at 4 when Zuke and White had to leave :( Pat and I sat at the bar and had a couple drinks until Carolyn and Heidi met us! By this point I was about 7 rum and cokes deep LOL and already pretty drunk. Carolyn and Heidi and I sat down at our favorite penny slot machines lol and Pat went to play blackjack I think. Right after I sat down I immediately won almost 400 bucks! Pat came back and didn't believe me at first lol. Cashed out and then I pretty much quit while I was ahead--put in 2 more 20 dollar bills and when I didn't win anything off those I was done gambling for the night lol. Carolyn and Heidi and Pat and I walked around windowshopping for awhile and then we met up with Derek and I bought everyone a round of drinks at the barrrrr. Then we all had dinner at MJ Steakhouse, yummm. I would say it was a very successful Mohegan trip :) Around 11 Pat and I left but we were too drunk/tired to drive home so we took a power nap in the back of his truck LOL. Woke up around 2 and then drove home haha. Got back at like 3:30 and went straight to bedddd.

Woke up around 9 on Sunday and was awake for like an hour and a half but then I was able to fall back asleep for another hour or so. It was a nice lazy day...called my mom, pat cooked us breakfast, I showered and straightened up a bit, and then we went over to Jeff n Justine's for the day! Watched a bunch of family guy, then ordered sushi for dinner which I hadn't had in foreverrr. Yum. After dinner we watched the departed and then left a little before 10 because everyone was exhausted. Got home and watched my shoooows and then went to bed around 12:30.

This morning went by fast, but the afternoon is dragging. I have to go to the doctor after work today—the cold I was starting to get back near halloween never really turned into anything except for this gross cough. The cough is finally gone, but now there’s sometimes this weird bubbly noise in my left lung when I breathe and today I woke up with that whole side of my chest feeling tight and sore =/ Really not good lol, I’m actually starting to get kind of worried—but I feel fine otherwise, like not sick or anything, so I’m hoping it’s not anything too serious. Probably bronchitis or something. Fun fun.
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19 November 2009 @ 11:03 am
Last night was pretty lazy haha. Got home a little after 6 and "cooked" up some penne/sauce for me and pat for dinner lol. We ate and then watched tv and then were bums for the rest of the night--played with Chester for awhile, that's about it lol. I started getting lazy/sleepy around 10 and was in bed by 11.

Now it's 11 AM and I'm at work again lol. This has been a pretty pointless entry but it's been really slow this week because all our reps are at a national sales meeting, and I'm bored lol. Off to finish my Christmas list and try and work on my resume I guess...
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03 November 2009 @ 12:48 pm
Wednesday after work I went to the gym and came home and had dinner/took a shower/hung out with Pat per usual.

Thursday I woke up and realized I was definitely getting a cold...boo. Safina and I went to Thai Spice for lunch and lost track of time lol...after we paid the check I looked at my phone and realized that we were supposed to be back at work 5 minutes ago. Oops lol. Almost killed us driving back lol, and then I had to stay late at work to make up time from lunch lol it was lame. Oh also I got a flu shot because they were giving them out for free at work that day so I was like why not. After work I went to the gym, which ended up being a mistake...I actually had a great run but as soon as I finished I felt like complete SHIT. Looking back I think a lot of it might have been from the flu shot and not from my cold--a lot of people I talked to that got it, felt really sick afterward. Stopped at walgreens on the way home to pick up some cold medicine, made tacos for dinner even though I felt like crap and was in a bad mood, and then pat and I watched black sheep lol it was a funny movie. It was a nice relaxing rest of the evening, although I slept like crap that night.

Woke up on Friday sooo tired and was like that for the rest of the day. Plus I was still feeling sick/crappy. It wasn't too bad of a workday though...it was pretty slow. And I got to leave an hour early! My boss picked names out of a plastic pumpkin to leave early and at first my name didn’t get picked and I was all sad because I could have definitely used that hour. But then he picked one more, and it was my name! I went, “yay!” and everyone laughed at me lol. So I left work at 4 and made pretty good time getting to Boston...got to carolyn's right at 7:45. I helped her ice pumpkin cupcakes (well not really, more like fucked them up haha) and then we ate dinner and got ready! We meant to leave for the first party around 9 but it ended up being more like 9:45. And for once it wasn't our fault, we were actually ready on time--Derek was slow walking Markus lol. The first party was a good time. There was good music and chill people with cool costumes (mr and mrs potato head, lumiere from beauty and the beast who actually lit up, and a potato launcher LOL) and for some reason I was kicking ass at beer pong which is totally unlike me! Carolyn and I played against Derek and his friend and although we didn't win I was getting pretty much every ball in, and Carolyn wasn't doing bad either. Then the guy who was dressed as a potato gun chose me as his partner and I was like "umm I think you're making a mistake, I'm usually horrible and it was probably just a fluke" but he didn't believe me lol. So we played and I kicked ass again! Sooo weird lol usually I'm awful at that game. We were having a good time but then it was like 11:30 already so we headed over to Tarryn's. Derek, like Pat the last time, was not a fan of the 60 19 year olds crowd surfing in the kitchen, throwing stuff off the balcony, and puking everywhere, so he left shortly after we got there lol. (The next day Carolyn found a text message in her phone that was like "Some faggot just grabbed my ass on the way out, never coming back here again" LOL). The atmosphere did kind of suck but we managed to have fun anyway because we were really drunk lol. Carolyn made a dart game on the markerboard and we shot suction cups from Derek's nerf gun onto it and I was kicking ass at that too lol. Then she got belligerent and started shooting at people who were being annoying, including these 2 guys screaming NFG and dancing retardedly. She also shot Zach Braff in the neck which was hilarious. After that we went in the living room and took some pictures and played asshole. By this point we were all wasted. For some reason I couldn't remember how to play, even though normally asshole is pretty much the only game I DO know how to play lol. I kept on throwing down multiple cards at once and being like "Jack-8 bitch!" and Heidi couldn't shuffle and blamed it on her gloves and then kept randomly throwing in cards out of turn lol. That was pretty much my last memory of the night, Carolyn and I took a cab home but neither of us remember actually getting back to her apartment.

I didn't sleep very well after 8:00, boo. Derek was watching his soccer game and eventually he came in the living room and watched it in there and I got into bed with Caroyln but then neither of us could get back to sleep lol. Finally around 11 we went to bagel rising. Heidi met us there, we had to wait half an hour in line but it was totally worth it. Once we got our food we brought it to Tarryn's and her apartment smelled like ass and there was a guy and a girl passed out in the pantry. Nice lol. Ate our food and talked about our night and then everyone went home to take a nap because we all felt like crap lol. Dave helped me carry my birthday present (a tv for my room!) to the car, then Carolyn drove us back to her place and I picked up my stuff and drove home. The ride kind of sucked because I was tired and under the weather, and on top of this there was something wrong with my left eye all day and it was randomly blurry. Like if I closed my other eye I literally couldn't read signs or anything. So weird/annoying, I must have had something in it or something because the next day it went back to normal lol. I got home around 4, hung out with Pat for like an hour, and then took a nap until like 6:30 even though I didn't slee that great. Finally I got in the shower and ate dinner and started getting ready for Justine's party! We got there around 9, I was feeling kind of tired and crappy at first but after a couple drinks I felt great again lol. It was a small party--just me, Pat, Justine, Jeff, Jake, Racquel, and her boyfriend--but I'll take that over a bunch of kids who Tarryn doesn't even know, trashing her place lol. We left pretty early, around 12:30 and went back to our apartment and Devyn and her friend were there waiting for us lol. Hung out with them and I made everyone a drink. By this point I was wasted again lol, I remember Devyn and her friend leaving but don't remember going to bed.

Sunday morning needless to say I felt like craaaap...partied way too hard both nights this weekend, while sick, and it definitely came back and bit me in the ass lol. That's what I get, but it was worth it because this weekend was awesome. I woke up early at like 9, but it was really 8 again because the clocks went back. Tried to fall back asleep but it didn't work...finally Pat and I got up and played with Chester while he made breakfast. After I ate I felt like crap and threw up and went back to bed LOL. Slept from like 12:30 to 1:30 and finally made myself get out of bed. My mom called me from aunt kathy's house at like 2:15 wondering where I was LOL. She had thought my dad told me what time to come over, and I was thinking I wasn't going over there till later in the day so I was waiting for them to call and tell me what time lol. Got ready in record time and made it to aunt kathy's around 3. It was a very nice afternoon, got to see all my cousins and a lot of my family (uncle dale, aunt sherry and darren) who were visiting from france/down south who I haven't seen in years. Hung out until around 7 and then I went back to my place. My aunt gave me a shitload of leftovers so Pat and I ate those for dinner, then I cleaned up the apartment a little before watching tool academy and sex rehab with dr drew LOL. We went to bed around midnight but I couldn't fall asleep again until after 2...uggh.

Needless to say getting up for work wasn't too fun on Monday lol. Plus by this point my cold had travelled completely into my chest and it hurt and I was coughing up all kinds of gross nastiness. Ew. Could have called out of work, but didn't because unless I'm like dying I'd rather use my sick days as fun days/long weekends lol. After work I went straight home, helped pat take out the trash and he helped me bring my tv upstairs. Then he made dinner and I cleaned up and took a shower and we watched tv until it was time for bed.

Still tired today, but work is pretty slow again. I leave in like half an hour and then I think I'm getting a beer with Yola and Andrew and then going home and relaxing!
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25 October 2009 @ 04:13 pm
This week was pretty chill...it also helped that I ended up taking yesterday and today off lol.

Monday night I came right home cuz Pat and I were supposed to go grocery shopping. We didn't lol. I totally could have gone to the gym. Oh well. The excitement for the night was definitely Chester jumping into the toilet! I could have sworn I closed the bathroom door (one of us must have used the bathroom and left it open, or else maybe he jumped into it and it opened cuz it doesn't really close all the way lol. We heard a loud crash so we ran upstairs and found him standing in the doorway all wet LOL! I don't know how he jumped out but I'm glad he did. Poor thing was pretty shaken up but we dried him off and he took like 3948598 dustbaths now he's fine. Oh and then when we were making dinner the house filled with smoke and the smoke alarm right near his cage went off lol. I'm sure that made him even more happy :P Chilled at home for the rest of the night, watched tv and whatnot.

Tuesday was work and then soccer afterward! I was a little bit nervous about my leg but I took it pretty easy (plus we didn't play for very long since it got dark early) and I was fine. Also we played half-court (which confused the shit out of me at first lol I didn't know what it was and had no idea what I was doing until gradually I figured it out). We finished playing a little before 7, had a beer and then I picked up chinese food and brought it home for me and pat. I wasn't in the best mood after dinner, I was tired and cranky but really needed to shower and do laundry and clean up around the apartment. I did end up getting everything I needed to get done finished yay. Watched a little tv with pat and went to bed.

Wednesday after work I came home and Pat and I really did go grocery shopping lol. It was needed, we had like nothing in the house. By the time we got home and put everything away and cooked and finished dinner it was already like 10:30 lol. Watched some of the jackass movie but then we were tired so we just went to bed an hour into it.

Because I had 3 "occurances" that I need to use before the end of the year, I decided to use one Thursday and Friday. Ended up getting up at 8 anyway when Pat got up for work...go figure lol. At least it was a very productive day. I went to the gym for a long ass time and finally was able to run on my leg without it killing me after. Woohoo! After I came home and showered I went back out to the mall...got my nails and eyebrows done and did some shoppinggg. Got eyebrow gel and moisturizer and a bra and a tank top (I know, exciting) and then Pat met me there once he got out of work and I ended up getting my halloween costume! I'm gonna be a dallas cowboys cheerleader lol, I've always wanted to be a cheerleader for halloween and the outfit is so cute. Then Pat and I went to target and sears and FINALLY found a pair of curtains that work for the living room. And they weren't that expensive either. It's about time lol. By the time we got home at 8 I was tired and grouchy from running 11 miles and then walking around the mall all afternoon. Pat made us a delicious chicken salad for dinner and then I felt much better. By the time everything was cleaned up and whatnot it was already 10:30...pretty much just hung out for a bit and went to bed after that.

Friday morning I went to the gym for a long time again...got there around 9:30 and didn't get back until like quarter after 12 lol. Showered and spent the rest of the afternoon cleaning the apartment. Pat got home around 5:30 and we were both tired/in weird moods because it didn't feel like a Friday to me. Pat took a nap and I hung out on the computer for awhile. Pat and I watched some tv and finally I pulled myself together and Devyn and her friend came over. Had a drink and some chinese food with them, it was a chill night. They left probably around 12, pat and I made some sugar free butterscotch pudding lol and went to bed around 12:30.

Woke up around 9 on Saturday morning and could not get back to sleep...boo! Still didn't get out of bed until 11 though haha. I was pretty much a waste of life all day...watched some of 28 days which was hilarious at first but then she went to rehab and it got lame so I turned it off LOL. Hung out on facebook and then I got all ready to go to the gym...but instead ended up passing out for like 2 hours hahaha. I fail, but it was a nice nap and I felt well-rested after. By the time I got up at like 5 it was too late to go to the gym so instead I went for a run outside. I was only like 5 miles into it when it started to POUR and plus it was getting dark so I decided to come in lol. Showered and Pat made dinner...we ate and then I ran to the liquor store. Finished getting ready and played with Chester and around 9:30 we headed over to Jeff n Justine's. It was a fun night, we hung out and had a drink with Jeff's parents until they left and then a few more of their friends came over. I was suckin beers down last night for some reason lol I was in the mood to get drunk. I would say I succeeded. We left around 2, got home at 2:30, and passed out around 3.

Woke up at like 7 with a pounding headache lol...took some advil and drank a big glass of water and went back to bed until 11ish. Woke up feeling much better. Pat and I spent a couple hours cookin up some meat sauce and then I went out for a short run. Just showered and now I'm doing laundry...fun fun. It's probably going to be a lazy sunday night...baaack to work tomorrow blah.
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19 October 2009 @ 09:44 am
Friday Pat and I ended up heading to MA that night because there wasn't really much going on. We were lazy so we didn't leave until about 8 lol. Then on 84 there was a huge accident that shut down both sides of the highway so we had to get off and of course there was no detour marked. Thank god for GPS's. Although my GPS kept taking us back to 84 which wasn't very helpful haha. Finally I checked off "least use of freeways" and we took route 6 until we found our way to 295. What a pain in the ass it added about an hour to our trip (even though I slept pretty much the last hour lol). Got to my parents' house around 11:30 and we were both exhausted...pretty much brought in our stuff and went right to bed lol.

Saturday I only slept till a little after 9 because I had gone to bed so early lol. It was such a lazy day, we didn't even leave the house. Dad and Pat moved our old family room furniture in the basement. Then I made english muffins and had some coffee...sat around for awhile and then the new furniture came. Once we had finished arranging the new furniture and had some lunch, I took a bath/shower and then sat around some more lol. Ate dinner around 6 with the family and I was thinking of going into boston but nothing was really going on and Pat didn't want to go anyway, so we just stayed in. Cuddled on the couch for most of the night, played with chester, and watched some tv. Fell asleep around 1:30.

Sunday I woke up thinking it was like 7 but it was almost 10 haha. Came downstairs and helped mom make breakfast and then read the newspaper until it was ready. By the time we finished breakfast it was like noon haha...I went to get ready/get my stuff packed up (I still have a ton of things in my room that I need to gradually start bringing back to my apartment...which sucks because there's like no room for anything. What do my parents need ANOTHER guest room for lol?) Pat and my dad went to look at a car in Taunton that Pat ended up buying! Yay finally lol. That's very exciting, although he had to take care of getting a CT license and car registration and loan and whatnot, which means we have to head up there again later on this week/weekend to pick it up. When dad and Pat got back we had some lunch and packed up my car in the pouring rain. We left MA a little after 3...the rain turned to freezing rain and then to snow. Once we got on the mass pike there was crazy traffic so we got off and took back roads to 395 and took that the rest of the way home. So it was another car ride that took about an hour longer than expected lol but at least we weren't sitting in traffic. Picked up a pizza on the way home and got back around 7. After eating dinner we pretty much just had a relaxing lazy night...watched tool academy (lol) and then comedy central. I fell asleep on the couch probably around 11 and we went up to bed around 11:45...was so out of it lol.

I'm super sleepy today, boo. At least work has been extremely slow even though I've been here an hour. It goes by faster when I'm busy, but I'd still rather it be slow because I'm lazy :) I want to go back to the gym today after work at least to just do an elliptical because my leg feels mostly better and I've been feeling fat and lazy. But Pat says we need to go grocery shopping, which is kind of the opposite of the gym haha. We'll see.
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